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Kingbéast Straps Of Wrath

Kingbéast is a metal band from Nuremberg (Germany) and was founded in 2012.

With Heiko Jesenek on guitar Kingbéast combine extremely heavy guitar riffs, combined with a lot of groove and slower Doomsounds. Tobias Bezold returns the razor-sharp riffs with his fast and phenomenal drumming fine sanding and ensures that the roller is running and no neck remains pain free! Since Dec. 2014 Daniel Sira is on bass and provides plenty of power in the bass!

Heiko Jesenek and Tobias Bezold are the founding members of Kingbéast.

The first album "demonic beast Arises" was recorded in spring 2014 at the Deadlight Studios, self produced and self-distributed. It impresses with its versatility, and of course the many guest appearances on the microphone all kinds of bands like BC Cunthammer of Deathronation/Goath or Bino of I Spitashes! But the different influences of the musicians reveal incredible potential! Thrash paired with Doom, Death with hardcore and suddenly an incredibly beautiful Black Metal riff comes along that really should only come from the pen of a white-black painted Norwegian! Kingbéast were in the German Rock Hard magazine in November 2014 Demo of the month and in other magazines the debut was very well received! The second album will be released on 10.05.2019 by Black Sunset / MDD Records.

Long live the riffing, the sweat, the beer and the Metal! In Metal We Trust!



Straps Of Wrath

1. Starting A New Life
2. Leave Them To Die
3. Numb The Pain
4. Fix The Problem
5. Youth
6. A Soul Demise
7. Badass
8. Straps Of Wrath
9. Blissfully Unaware
10. Caving In
11. En Pleine Nuit
12. V strede srdciach od európy
13. Gargoyles

running time: 43:31 min

Demonic Beast Arises

1. Abnormal Delirium
2. Just Failed
3. Death And Grief
5. The Beast Among Us
6. Take A Trip With Me
7. Trapped In Darkness
8. The Demons I Feed

running time: 28:07 min




Thomas Herr - Vocals

Heiko Jesenek - Guitar, Back-Vocals

Tobias Bezold - Drums

Daniel Sira - Bass, Back-Vocals

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